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Introducing the FastMix Cement Mixer from SIRL, the latest innovation in the world of construction equipment, proudly brought to you by Red Stag Materials in the UK. Engineered for efficiency and durability, this cement mixer surpasses the competition with its advanced features and unbeatable benefits.

Unmatched Power Options

The FastMix Cement Mixer is designed to meet your specific needs with a range of power options. Choose between the reliable Honda GX160 Petrol Engine, or the convenience of a 230v or 110v Electric Motor. No matter the job site requirements or your personal preferences, the FastMix has you covered.

Robust Steel Drum Construction

Built to withstand the toughest construction environments, the FastMix boasts a high-quality steel drum that is both durable and reinforced for long-lasting performance. This robust construction ensures that the mixer can endure the demands of daily use on the job site.

Innovative Mixing Blades

The heart of the FastMix Cement Mixer lies in its specially designed mixing blades. Featuring two double-welded 3mm thick blades, these are strategically shaped to prevent concrete build-up. This innovative design not only ensures a consistent mix but also minimises downtime for maintenance, keeping your workflow seamless and efficient.

Increased Mixing Capacity

With a generous 90-litre mixing capacity, the FastMix allows you to handle larger batches, saving you time and effort. This higher-than-standard capacity empowers you to mix more mortar at once, increasing your overall productivity on the job site. Say goodbye to the limitations of smaller mixers and experience the efficiency of the FastMix.

High-Speed Performance

Time is money in the construction industry, and the FastMix understands this. Boasting a rapid 30 revolutions per minute speed, this cement mixer accelerates the mixing process, ensuring that your concrete or mortar is ready for use in record time. Experience a level of efficiency that sets the FastMix apart from the competition.

Pro 145 Professional Cement Mixer

Unleash professional-grade performance with the Pro145 Electric Cement Mixer, designed for entry-level enthusiasts seeking top-tier results. Available in both 230v and 110v configurations, this mixer embodies European design principles, recognised for their excellence. Boasting a 110-litre mixing capacity and an impressive output of 1m3 per hour, the Pro145 ensures efficient and reliable mixing for your projects.

Crafted with the same unwavering commitment to quality, this mixer stands as a testament to value in the trade. The Pro145 Electric Cement Mixer is your gateway to professional mixing capabilities without compromising on affordability. Elevate your trade endeavors with a mixer that mirrors European precision and reliability, delivering exceptional results at an exceptional value.


BP400 Towable Road Mixer

Embark on a new era of mixing prowess with the BP 400 RLAT Evo Cement Mixer, equipped with the robust Honda GX160 Petrol Engine for unparalleled power. Tailored for seamless towing by any commercial vehicle in the UK, this mixer is a game-changer on the move. With a substantial 330-litre mixing capacity and an impressive output of 2.60m3 per hour, the BP 400 RLAT Evo delivers high-performance blending on demand.

Revel in the durability of reinforced drum, opening, and structure, fortified to withstand the rigors of demanding construction sites. Inside the drum, three mixing blades ensure a flawless mix every time. Elevate your mixing experience further with an optional extra— the gear ring protection, adding an additional layer of security and longevity to your investment. Unleash the potential of the BP 400 RLAT Evo and redefine mobile mixing capabilities with power, precision, and optional enhancements.

BP400 Towable Site Mixer

Introducing the BP 400 4R Cement Mixer, a formidable site mixer tailored for projects demanding substantial quantities of mortar or concrete. With a generous 300-litre mixing capacity and an impressive output of 2.60m3 per hour, this mixer stands ready to meet the needs of high-volume construction sites.

Versatility is key, as the BP 400 4R offers the option of powering up with a KM173F Euro V engine or a 230V electric motor, providing flexibility to adapt to various job site requirements. Its mobility is unmatched, making it effortlessly maneuverable around construction sites, ensuring that your mixing capabilities are where you need them most.

Engineered for durability and efficiency, the BP 400 4R is a reliable companion for projects demanding excellence. Elevate your site mixing experience with a mixer designed to deliver consistent results, no matter the scale of your construction endeavors.


MH100 Forced Action Mixer

Experience the pinnacle of mixing precision with the MH 100 1500W Forced Action Mixer, a versatile powerhouse driven by a robust 230v electric motor. With a 100-litre capacity, this mixer, often referred to as a Pan Mixer, stands as a reliable on-site companion capable of seamlessly blending a diverse range of materials. From concrete and resin-bound aggregates to sand/cement screeds, the MH 100 excels in accommodating various mixing requirements.

Designed for efficiency and adaptability, this mixer offers a broad spectrum of applications, making it an indispensable tool for construction professionals. Whether you're crafting concrete masterpieces or blending specialized screeds, the MH 100 1500W ensures consistent and reliable results every time. Elevate your mixing capabilities with a forceful performer that meets the demands of diverse on-site projects.

Hand Mixer

Unleash precision mixing with the B1600 Single Shaft Hand Mixer, an industrial marvel powered by a potent 230v electric motor. Delivering a commanding 1600 Watts of power across six adjustable speeds, this hand mixer ensures versatility for various mixing tasks. The package includes a durable M14 thread mixer arm and a convenient carry box, providing a comprehensive solution for on-the-go professionals.

Crafted for reliability and ease of use, the B1600 combines power with practicality. Whether tackling concrete, plaster, or other materials, this hand mixer guarantees consistent results. Exceptional value meets high-quality performance, making the B1600 Single Shaft Hand Mixer an indispensable tool for professionals who demand excellence in their mixing endeavors. Elevate your mixing experience with this robust and versatile solution.


Benefits of SIRL Cement Mixers

Exceptional Quality

Price Competitive

Fast Delivery

Low Minimum Orders

Honda Petrol Engine

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