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How to choose the correct cut-off saw

7 NOVEMBER, 2022

Identifying high-quality cut-off saws

Diamond blade cut-off saws are an essential piece of equipment for highway maintenance labourers. It is one of the most efficient and accurate ways of cutting various paving materials, including concrete, natural stone, and asphalt.

The steel blades are embedded with diamond particles, making the blades cutting power nigh unbeatable. . The quality and quantity of the diamonds is critical to the strength and longevity of the blade, as is the quality of its steel core.

Choosing the correct blade

In order to safeguard the integrity of a cut-off saw, its essential that the correct blade is selected for the type of work that is going to be carried out, and the proper maintenance and care is undertaken to extend the life of the blade.

The first step in choosing the best blade is to identify the raw material that is to be cut. Ask the blade manufacturer for advice on which blade is most suitable. If the blade is intended for multi-use on various materials, then make your selection based on which material you will be cutting most often with the blade.

After identifying which blade best suits your needs, you will need to evaluate the quality of the blades that fit within your price range. If you are willing to pay more for high-quality, then your purchase is likely to be more cost effective in the long run. The better quality of the blade, the faster it will cut and the longer it will last, so you should not need to replace it as quickly as a cheaper, less effective model.

High quality blades also ensure a higher standard of safety is being met. Set your safety standards high by purchasing the best quality equipment possible. The key to securing high quality equipment is to always use reputable suppliers who understand their products and can advise you on the best options according to your budget and specifications.

Identifying quality

Being advised to use good quality blades is one thing, but how do you sort out the good from the bad? When choosing your ideal blade, make sure you look out for the following characteristics.

On high-quality blades you should find compliance and health and safety instructions engraved on the equipment as opposed to being screen printed as is the case with many cheap, imported blades. You will also find some blades carry an OSA identification number that certifies a blade has met the CEN safety standards.

Diamond blades are superior in strength, durability and longevity as they are imbedded with the strongest material on the market. A laser welded diamond blade is preferable as these can withstand higher temperatures during cutting without risking the separation of diamond from the steel core. This means that the blade is especially durable and offers high performance making it more cost effective. Laser welding is the method used to secure the diamond segment to the steel core. As this adds cost to the manufacturing process it tends to be mainly used in the higher value, better quality products

Try to avoid buying a multi-purpose blade as this will always result in a compromise in quality, ultimately lowering the performance of your blade.

Final thoughts

The most important aspect in choosing and identifying high-quality diamond blades is in understanding exactly what you are looking for and taking the time to do your due diligence. Seek out reputable suppliers who can offer you tailored advice based on your needs and budget.

Red Stag Materials are seasoned highway maintenance and road surfacing specialist suppliers who offer high-quality, cost effective surfacing solutions to local councils and the private contractors across the UK. Having established themselves as the exclusive supplier of EZ Street cold asphalt in the UK they have gone on to expand their product line to include a range of top-quality road surfacing equipment, including laser welded, diamond blades and dust suppressors.

If you would like more information about the laser welded diamond blades that Red Stag Materials currently supply, or you are looking for advice regarding your blade cutter needs then get in touch with their supply team today on 03456460354 or email sales@redstagmaterial.com.